Benefits of Mediation

The Benefits of Mediation: Why Work with a RI Divorce Mediator?

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Kerry Rafanelli has been helping people reach property settlement and child custody agreements for more than 20 years using the process of divorce mediation. Although he is a highly effective divorce lawyer, skilled at negotiations and at representing clients in court, he has found that the process of divorce mediation offers clients a host of benefits that usually don’t happen with litigation in divorce court.

Lower Cost: A significant part of the expense of a typical divorce is attorneys’ fees. The more work you and your partner are able to do yourselves to arrive at a resolution, the less need there will be for a lawyer (or two, or more) to engage in ongoing negotiations. As a divorce mediator, Mr. Rafanelli will work with both of you together. (You may each still have an attorney on retainer to protect your interests and prepare paperwork.)

Less Time Consuming: People who choose divorce mediation are usually motivated to reach a resolution. They don’t want to waste time and money. They don’t want to engage in an endless back and forth negotiation. It’s that motivation to get the issues on the table and get it done that generally ensures the mediation process moves along swiftly.

Even when there are disagreements, if you can engage in a good faith effort to work together, a skilled and impartial mediator can help you continue to work productively toward a satisfactory resolution. And if a resolution cannot be reached, you always have the option of going to court.

Better Solutions: A higher quality resolution is one of the biggest benefits of using mediation to resolve child custody and property division issues. The solution you and your partner negotiate together will be appropriate for your family situation and responsive to your needs. It will reflection your values, and obviously, it will be acceptable to both of you.

Mediated agreements may also include elements or conditions that are unique to the couple or family. You’ve crafted this resolution together so you can include things a judge would not consider but that may be important for you and your former partner to find closure and feel the resolution is fair.

As a highly experienced divorce attorney, when you work with Mr. Rafanelli as your divorce mediator you can feel confident that the final negotiated agreement will be legally acceptable in Rhode Island family court.

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